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Policies & Information
The ideal way to order is to come by our store in person. Obviously this isn't always possible, so we make our most popular items available by shopping cart on this website. If you don't see what you want listed on our site, we have literally thousands more items available through our numerous suppliers. You can browse some of their sites, listed on our links page.

Orders may also be placed by phone, fax or email - this information is found on our CONTACT US page.
Payment is required before parts are ordered, and the items are scheduled for production unless you have an account previously set up with us. We accept Discover, VISA and MasterCard. Absolutely no C.O.D.'s. For orders picked up at our store, we will accept checks. There is a $30 fee for all returned checks. All applicable sales taxes will be paid by the customer.

By placing an order with us, you warrant that you are solvent and have the funds available for purchase. Finance charges of 2% per month will be applied to past due accounts. Default on any payment, including finance charges and late fees, may be charged to your credit card on file. Awards Plus/ AWARDSPROS.COM is not responsible for any overdraft charges which result from any purchase and/or the collection of past due amounts. You accept full responsibility for paying all collection costs, including reasonable attorney's fees.

Due to certain types of credit card fraud, we reserve the right to refuse any order, or require down payments to "clear" before parts will be ordered and the order placed into production. This could cause a delay of 4 weeks or more.
All shipments will be by either UPS or the US Postal Service, determined at our discretion unless specifically requested. All shipping and handling will be paid by the customer, with the exception of special offers clearly indicated as such. Whenever possible, Express shipping is available at the request and expense of the customer. Keep in mind "Next Day" or "Overnight" shipping does not always guarantee next day delivery, especially to smaller cities, towns and rural areas. We are not responsible for delays caused by shipping companies, or if your credit card is declined. Please call for further details.
We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship. We make every effort to provide the best in parts, products and service. However, in this day and age of mass production and cost-efficient materials, it is simply impossible for every last part to be 100% perfect in every way. Very minor imperfections are considered normal and acceptable, and will not warrant returns, replacements, refunds or discounts.

Due to our large selection of available products, we do not stock every item at our facility. This means some orders may take up to 2-4 weeks for production and delivery. Most items shown on the website will ship in 5 days or less. All measurements/sizes are approximate, subject to change without notice, and intended for your reference purposes only.

Prices listed are current and subject to change without notice. Some prices, sales and promotions may only apply to online orders. Awards Plus/ AWARDSPROS.COM has made every effort to accurately publish it's pricing, notes and other general information throughout this website. If any errors have occurred, which may or may not affect your order, we reserve the right to override what is published and provide to you the accurate information at any time during the course of the ordering process.

Awards Plus/AWARDSPROS.COM reserves the right to use any and all products for sale to customers, including items with logos, in any advertising, direct mail, collateral materials, tradeshow booth, or other marketing vehicles and displays unless otherwise specified in writing by the customer at the time the order is placed. Products displayed are shown as examples of the type and quality of the products produced, and are not represented for resale, nor are they to be construed as product or brand-name endorsements for the registered mark owners.
Orders cancelled during production and prior to shipment will be charged an amount equal to the percentage of completion of the order at the time the order is cancelled, and a 25% restocking fee will be added.

Store orders not picked up within 90 days of completion will be subject to disassembly. Re-ordered items will be subject to a 50% re-assembly fee, and entire cost must be paid in advance.

Any engraved, printed, or otherwise personalized item, including items ordered verbally, cannot be cancelled after engraving, and will be considered delivered and subject to payment, whether actually delivered, picked up or not. We will aggressively pursue collection in these instances, so make sure you want the item before placing your order.
Any item requiring engraving or personalization of any kind is considered a custom product. Custom products will not be accepted for return or refund for any reason, with the exception of spelling errors on our part. Spelling errors on the part of the customer will be subject to additional cost to correct or replace. Please double, triple and quadruple check your spelling! We will engrave exactly as submitted, with the exception of very obvious spelling errors such as days, months, cities, states, etc. If you are purposely misspelling any word, please clearly indicate as such.

We make every effort to pack items so no damage occurs during shipping, however occassional breakage can occur and is beyond our control. Thoroughly inspect your shipment immediately. You must notify us of any loss or damage within 5 days. Save damaged items and packing materials for at least 4 weeks. Some carriers require inspecting these goods in order to pay damage claims. Damage or loss claims are subject to approval by the carrier. We are not responsible for claims or amounts above the cost of goods and freight.

Product dissatisfaction must be reported to us within 5 days, and authorization must be received from us before returning. All returns must be packed securely in original packaging, and must be 100% complete, unused and in resellable condition, or they may be refused and credit denied. We reserve the right to inspect all returns to verify claims. A 25% restocking charge may apply to returns and refused orders. Any credits, refunds or replacements are made after return goods are received. No credits or refunds will be issued for custom made products, special order items, items that are lost or damaged during return, or items not purchased from Awards Plus/AWARDSPROS.COM. Unauthorized returns will be refused and returned at the customer's expense. We reserve the right to refuse credit on any return.
The customer shall defend, hold harmless and free of all liability, Awards Plus/AWARDSPROS.COM regarding trademark, registration mark, or copyright infringements and/or disputes. Awards Plus/AWARDSPROS.COM assumes the customer has permission prior to production to use all registered designs, layouts, marks, logos, graphics, photos and other artwork submitted for the express purpose of reproduction of same into custom medals and/or other awards and products. The customer agrees to assume any and all responsibility and liability resulting from trademark, registration mark, or copyright infringement actions or demands brought against Awards Plus/AWARDSPROS.COM.

Any and all work, designs, layouts, proofs, etc. produced by Awards Plus/AWARDSPROS.COM, including but not limited to, work produced using customer supplied components, such as logos, photos and graphics, is the exclusive property of Awards Plus/AWARDSPROS.COM, and shall not be reproduced or used in any way by any person or business without the express written permission of Awards Plus. Failure to obtain permission may result in usage fees and/or legal proceedings. Any and all requests, including verbal requests, for layouts, proofs, etc. implies agreement by the requester to pay any fees/charges to be determined at the discretion of Awards Plus, whether the requested material was actually reproduced or not.

All of the above shall apply to any and all orders, whether placed online, by phone, fax, email, in person or otherwise.
The ideal way to submit logos or other artwork is in the originally created VECTOR format. The way to know if a file is vector is to englarge it. If the lines of the artwork become pixelated (stairstepped), it is not vector. Vector lines will stay smooth. Many graphics are created in Adobe Illustrator. We use CorelDRAW X3, which is a very powerful graphics software used widely by engraving professionals. Most AI files will import into CorelDRAW without problem, but some may not, depending on the version used and how they are saved. This could cause delays in completeing your order, and higher set-up costs.

If a vector file is not available, a .bmp or .tiff will also work if it has a resolution of at least 300 dpi in the size in which it will be engraved. JPEG files simply will not work very well for engraving. The resolution is too low. Clean, sharp dense black-&-white camera ready art will also work.

Basically, just remember the old saying, "Garbage In, Garbage Out". If you submit a poor quality file, the result will most likely be poor quality also. We do have the ability to "clean up" poor quality artwork to varying degrees of success, but there will be set-up charges added of $50/hour with a $50 minimum. Vector files, or good quality files requiring no adjustments on our part will incur a $30 one time set-up fee. Convert fonts to curves or a bitmap wherever possible, because if you have a font in your artwork that we do not have on our system, it will alter the appearance of your artwork.

We will generally email a proof of any graphics/artwork to be engraved, which must be approved before production.

Submitting engraving information is best done by email, or spreadsheet. Faxing is not recommended, but if absolutely necessary, MUST be typewritten in a large font. No hand written faxes will be accepted due to high possibility of error. We are not responsible for customer's spelling errors. Double, triple and quadruple check your spelling! Engraving will be done exactly as submitted, with the exception of obvious spelling errors such as days, months, cities, states, etc. If a word is to be purposely misspelled, please clearly indicate as such.

With rare exceptions, we do not charge per letter or line for engraving. Virtually all our prices include engraving. Some items, such as medals and trophy plates, may have recommended limits on number of letters. Many items are practically unlimited, however keep in mind that the more lettering you put in, the smaller it may have to be to fit on the item.

Send engraving information, other than what can be included in our shopping cart forms, to the email address below. Include your contact information and a brief description of what you are ordering.
Engraved logos and other graphics will incur a one time set-up fee of $30.
Click the blue button at the left to order engraved graphics, then send your
file to the email address given in the shopping cart section. You may also add this option directly from the shopping cart section. Poor quality files such as jpegs may require higher set-up fees. Read below for more information.
Most promotional products are screen printed, which requires a $60 set-up fee for each color printed.
Set-up fees apply to each order - even exact repeat orders. When ordering promotional products, look
for the black icon in the shopping cart section. After selecting all your options, click the "Add to Cart"
button. On the next page, you must add a quantity of set-up fees equal to the number of colors you wish
to have printed on your item. Failure to do so may delay your order.
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Most of our full color dye printed items require a one time set-up fee of $10. Click the green
button at the right to order full color graphics, then send your file to the email address given in
the shopping cart section. You may also add this option directly from the shopping cart section.
Extremely small sized graphics and/or low resolution jpges may not be possible to print in good
quality. Always test print your graphic first in the size it needs to be for the item ordered. Read
below for more information.
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